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Zoe Creed

With social media transforming the modelling industry, Zoe refuses to conform to Instagram trends and chooses to stay true to her core beliefs.

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Zoe Creed: Make Your Mark Moments 

How did you #MakeYourMark?

Scouted at just fourteen years old, Zoe Creed is now an eighteen year old model and pilates fitness instructor from Brisbane, Australia. For most, the modelling industry means bright lights, flashing cameras and poses that rival Zoolander. But for Zoe, it's about introducing her flair to create a synergistic masterpiece. Even though social media has radically transformed the expectations of the modelling industry, Zoe is committed to focusing on herself and refuses to let comparisons to others affect her. As a role model to many young females, she believes that “you can only make your mark by being yourself and being true to you are” a philosophy she integrates throughout her day-to-day life.



My Story

Aspiring builder-turned-fashion model, (yes you read that right) Zoe from a young age was determined to be in the construction industry and never envisioned herself to be a part of the Australian model scene. Much like Kate Moss, she was discovered at a young age, and whilst she declined the initial offer to enter the industry, she was approached again not long after at an emerging music festival and agreed on a chance of a lifetime. Taking the industry by storm, Zoe has combined her core beliefs with her infectiously charismatic approach to work on sets, and believes this has been core to her personal development.  


2020: New Year, New You 

For Zoe, 2020 will mark the decade of integrating her internal philosophy stronger than ever before. Combining her commitment to self-appreciation and self-improvement, Zoe is working with more brands that align with her values and developing her role further in the fitness industry by working towards a degree in nutrition. Adapting an unstoppable mindset will make the world Zoe's oyster. 


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