Our Warranty

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6 Month General Warranty


Our general warranty covers any and all manufacturing and workmanship faults. If your product arrives and it's not up to our premium quality standards, we encourage you to contact our dedicated Client Services team with images of any specific defaults. This may include faults such as distorted monogramming or misshapen phone cases. This warranty does not cover any damage or distortion caused by general wear and tear, misuse of product, or neglect to care for the leather appropriately. Our warranty also declines to cover any discolouration of hardware over time. To make a warranty claim, your order must have been processed through our official website or purchase in-store. Along with your claim, proof of purchase and photos of the production fault must be included. Without proof of default, your claim will not be covered under our warranty. If your warranty claim is fulfilled and your order is replaced, your warranty period stands from the date of original purchase. The MAISON de SABRÉ warranty sits alongside applicable consumer protection law.

Caring For Your MdS Leather

To keep your premium leather goods looking fresh, here are some general guidelines on how to care for your products. Note that any damage or faults caused by not following these guidelines will not be covered by any MAISON de SABRÉ warranty: • Avoid abrasion against rough surfaces such as denim and canvas. • Avoid contact with foreign substances such as perfumes and moisturisers. • Avoid prolonged sun exposure, moisture, and excessive heat. • Do not overstuff your products as this will cause distortion. • Do not put undue stress on any stitching or leather. • Clean your product by wiping it gently with a mixture of warm water (90%) and gentle soap (10%). Do not rub. Please remember that our products are crafted from the highest quality full-grain leather and they must be treated with respect to maintain their quality over time.

For more information, read our T&Cs.