Collection: The Resilon™ Nylon Collection

Water, stain and knock resistant nylon bags for your boldest adventures yet.
Introducing four indestructible carryalls built for every adventure. Crafted from MAISON de SABRÉ’s signature Resilon™ Nylon fabric, a 100% recycled nylon yarn produced from discarded ocean fishing nets, and the leather goods company’s signature full-grain DriTan™ leather, The Resilon™ Nylon Collection enhances the art of travel and on-the-go security, no matter the journey. Encompassing four dynamic companions, each design is water, stain and knock-resistant to ensure ultra-durable protection for your belongings amid varied climates and scenarios. The MAISON de SABRÉ Resilon™ Nylon Collection utilises innovative fiber technology without the inclusion of harmful perfluorochemicals, making it a truly sustainable baggage choice without compromising on style or durability. Exterior hydrophobic shells allow water droplets to fall right off, ensuring always-dry storage solutions in challenging conditions. The bestselling MAISON de SABRÉ Resilon™ Nylon Backpack is reimagined in an ultra-tough new material while retaining its world-renowned functionality and comfort. The MAISON de SABRÉ Resilon™ Nylon Sling Bag steals the show as a functional statement piece with added strength. The MAISON de SABRÉ Resilon™ Nylon Tote is our most secure, durable and functional Tote ever created. The MAISON de SABRÉ Resilon™ Nylon Duffle provides extreme durability and security on every grand adventure. Some of the items within the MAISON de SABRÉ Resilon™ Nylon Collection can be personalised to ensure they’re handcrafted just for you and all are delivered in a delicate dust bag to ensure it can be safely stored for every new journey.