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How do you Make Your Mark?

Your monogram is your power statement; a canvas for self-expression. Learn how our global community make their mark. 

Zoe Creed

With social media transforming the modelling industry, Zoe refuses to conform to Instagram trends and chooses to stay true to her core beliefs. 

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Reiko McNish Sato

In the pursuit for self-identity, Reiko turned to the traditions of old-world Japan to revive the flare of the kimono. 

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Sharndré Kushor

Challenging the status quo within the education industry as Shandré moves away from traditional teaching methods and embraces other modern-day avenues. 

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Amber Vittoria

As modern day conversations around stereotypes are silenced, Amber Vittoria finds a unique way to create talk around the topic of women.

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Isabelle Quinn

Australian designer Isabelle Quinn creates hand-made garments to promote an ever-flowing sense of inner-beauty.

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Bec Craven

Stemming from her own gratitude for life, Bec is dedicated to raising awareness for health literacy

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Bree Kronk

Explains her challenges and how she overcame them to Make Her Mark

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