Collection: The Statement Tech Collection

Safeguard devices and accessories with ultra-polished protection for your MacBook Pro, AirPods and more.
Two elevated defenders to protect your go-everywhere devices. Discover the MAISON de SABRÉ Statement Tech Collection, a series of elegant on-the-go cases to safeguard your laptop, earbuds, cables, chargers and more. The MAISON de SABRÉ Statement Tech Collection is compatible with Apple MacBook Pro and Apple AirPods, providing unparalleled security no matter where your journey takes you. Each item meticulously crafted using the world’s most sustainable leather, a full-grain European leather that utilises DriTan™ technology to extract natural moisture from raw hides and save up to 25 million litres of water per year, the exceptional tech collection encompasses The Laptop Sleeve and The AirPods Pouch. The MAISON de SABRÉ Laptop Sleeve is designed to perfectly house Apple’s MacBook Pro 14" and 16" models, arriving in striking dual-tone colourways including MAISON de SABRÉ’s newest hue, Pecan Brown. The MAISON de SABRÉ AirPods Pouch is measured to securely stow Apple’s AirPods Pro, blending statement style with the ultimate storage solution. The MAISON de SABRÉ Statement Tech Collection can be personalised with your unique characters to ensure complete customisation and each item is delivered in a 98% recycled Sabré Blue gift box, making it instantly packaged to arrive as a gift for that special somebody.