Meet The Dream Chasers

Meet The Dream Chasers

On the day of our Dream Chasers campaign shoot on the pristine Seven Mile Beach in Gerroa, New South Wales, we caught a few moments with brand friends and campaign stars Ajok Marial and Juay Kennedy. Energised by a dramatic backdrop of brooding clouds and crashing waves, Ajok and Juay shared their intimate insights into how they’re resetting for the year ahead, the greatest lessons they’ve learnt over the past few months, and the experience of shooting our latest campaign with MAISON de SABRÉ’s creative team. 


11am with Ajok Marial


MDS: What opportunities does the new year present to refresh your personal values and perspectives?
Ajok: I don’t know yet. We live in an unpredictable time. The fact that I get to be alive is the greatest opportunity.


MDS: What about your perspectives on the world?
Ajok: Things will never be the same again. We just have to adapt to the changes and be open to change.


MDS: What is the greatest lesson you learnt last year that you will take into 2021?
Ajok: To be patient and to trust the process.


MDS: Can you describe the experience of being on location shooting the Dream Chasers campaign with MAISON de SABRÉ’s creative team ?
Ajok: The weather on the day definitely highlighted a dreamy vibe. The location was beautiful, very calm and peaceful. The creative team were easy to get along with and everyone was kind.


MDS: How would you describe the Dream Chasers campaign outcomes and imagery? Do you have a favourite shot?
Ajok: The outcomes and imagery definitely captured the dreamy scenery. My favourite shot so far is the bag out in the air with my hands reaching out to the sky. It really captures a surreal moment that anything can inspire you to be creative and tap into your spirit of discovery.


MDS: What things will you do differently in 2021?
Ajok: To use my time wisely and to make time for things that I love.


MDS: What colour from MAISON de SABRÉ’s palette do you connect with most strongly and why?
Ajok: Pink Lily. It represents softness, love, warmth and understanding to me. I’m on a journey of self discovery at the moment to love myself and others around me. So the pink connects with me the most.


MDS: In what ways will you ‘Make Your Mark’ this year?
Ajok: To do what I said I was going to do, regardless of what is happening around the world.


MDS: What is one dream you are chasing in 2021?
Ajok: To go Skydiving.