In the pursuit of modern elegance, MAISON de SABRÉ reimagines the tradition of luxury leather. Crafted by the hands of the world’s finest artisans, our collections defy the expected, setting new standards in luxury. Each piece combines full-grain leather with age-old craftsmanship, achieving unparalleled quality. Our designs are marked by sleek lines, functional elegance, and a timeless aesthetic that paves the way for the future of fashion.


In every line and curve, MAISON de SABRÉ's designs bridge heritage with innovation, setting new benchmarks for luxury leather goods. The meticulous hand-finishing of our full-grain leather results in accessories that aren't just held, but experienced. Each creation is an invitation to the bold and the visionary to make a timeless statement that transcends the ordinary.


At MAISON de SABRÉ, excellence in craftsmanship is our signature. Each selection of full-grain leather is a tribute to our dedication to quality. With every cut, fold, and stitch, our master artisans instill unmatched luxury into every piece. Here, functional elegance is crafted with precision, and timeless design converges with heritage artisanship—forming the cornerstone of the MAISON de SABRÉ legacy.


We launched MAISON de SABRÉ in 2017, translating self identity into a personalized creative outlet.

With a focus on premium materials and exemplary craftsmanship, we are constantly pushing boundaries at the forefront of the contemporary luxury sphere. Through our innovative design edge, our products inspire a global community of thought leaders and go-getters to celebrate the potential within themselves, and those around them.


We create the world’s most colourful statement accessories to inspire a global community to achieve and make their difference. We invite you to put your best self forward and #MakeYourMark.


We strive to be the change we wish to see. By investing in the newest sustainable technologies and eco-conscious practices, we are positively disrupting the next generation of luxury.


Individuality. Inspiration. Action. We believe in celebrating diversity, individualism, and self-expression. Through personalised, high-quality, innovative products, we stand as a platform to inspire and embolden.

"Keep your vision alive. Always see your dreams through. Persevere, with no doubt of success. Have an infinite goal that grows with you. Make your mark. There are no limits to your legacy." - Omar & Zane SABRÉ

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