The Mini Tote In Sydney Featuring Tanja Gacic

The Mini Tote In Sydney Featuring Tanja Gacic

The Mini Tote In Sydney Featuring Tanja Gacic

Greetings from Sydney where the world’s favourite new ‘it bag’ has officially launched. Join creative director Tanja Gacic as she takes us behind the scenes on the morning of her campaign shoot. Tanja shares insights into her adventures around Sydney as she journeys from beach to business lunch, discussing how The Mini Tote inspires her spirit of discovery.

With the crashing waves and the crystal skies energising her for the day ahead, our Sydney campaign star Tanja Gacic rediscovers the magic of a morning spent on Bondi Beach. With The Mini Tote styled across her body, Tanja’s hands are free for whatever her journey brings, including plenty of photo-taking along the way. The Mini Tote in Bondi Blue is the shade that invigorates Tanja’s adventurous spirit, reminding her to keep expanding her horizons every day.


MDS: How does The Mini Tote inspire a spirit of adventure in you?


TANJA: With the possibility of being handheld, cross body or off the shoulder, The Mini Tote allows me to tune into my adventures hands free.


MDS: Where is your favourite place to carry it and why?


TANJA: I find the tote so versatile that it can be styled for many different occasions. I like it when going for walks or going out on the town - the size is perfect for all I need. I like to sling it crossbody and do the Bondi to Bronte walk.


MDS: In what ways is the colour unique to your city?


TANJA: Sydney’s blues are unforgettable. Emanating from our deep harbour, meandering through the waterways, hundreds of sparkling beaches, coves and bays and the endless expanse of sky , blue is the unambiguous hue of this town. 


MDS: What would you usually put inside The Mini Tote on a typical day?


TANJA: I have a mantra so I don’t forget things - keys, wallet, phone is what I think before I leave the house. Some other things you could find in there are organic SPF 20 cherry lip balm and a tiny bottle of peppermint oil which I carry instead of mints.


MDS: How does The Mini Tote celebrate your individuality?


TANJA: I love the pop of colour and its utilitarian, chic design.


MDS: How do you style it?

TANJA: It depends on the outfit!

MDS: What is one ‘secret’ spot  in your city that not many people know about?

TANJA: There are many secret spots only accessible by foot, so I find new ones all the time. The best thing is to take the long walks around the harbour or by the ocean and go off track.

MDS: How does The Mini Tote give you the freedom or inspiration to discover your city?

TANJA: By allowing alternate styling whilst matching many different looks, it makes dressing a breeze.

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