MASION de SABRÉ x Barneys New York

MASION de SABRÉ x Barneys New York

What inspired this collection?

Seeing landmark companies that have fundamentally helped shape the global fashion industry and culture, like Barneys New York, transition into using new and innovative platforms is inspiring. 

We’re a small and relatively new company, but with such a vast global community, the opportunity to collaborate with such an iconic brand was a no-brainer.

When the Barneys team in New York approached us, this collaboration really felt like it was our chance to show that part of the world what we’re made of, while also bringing that hyper dynamic New York energy home to Australia.

How do you envision this collection inspiring your customers?

The whole collection sprung from the original 1970’s Barneys print campaign DON’T GO TO WORK TODAY.

Here at MAISON de SABRÉ, our entire ethos is based around making your mark, to achieve the extraordinary. To us, the two phrases go hand-in-hand. 

DON’T GO TO WORK TODAY is a call to action – an urgent one, to break free from everyday routine and take a stance in something you believe in. Our motto, “make your mark” serves in the same way. It’s as relevant today as it was when the original campaign ran 50 years ago. 

We see the relationship inspiring people to refuse the mundane and the ordinary, and instead to challenge themselves to do something big, something great.

Will Barneys be back at MAISON de SABRÉ?

This is a hyper limited edition collection. We spent 11 months preparing this, but each product arrives in a very small run because we wanted to maintain that special sense of rarity. It’s been such a huge hit globally already, and its even stocked on the ground at Barneys Japan, so who knows what could come next...