Reiko McNish Sato

Reiko McNish Sato

Reiko McNish Sato: Make your Mark Moments 


How did you #MakeYourMark?

In the pursuit for identity, Reiko is a 24-year-old founder and designer of AMATERAS, a Japanese nightwear brand inspired by traditional culture. Reiko was born and raised in Japan until the age of 10 before moving to Canada with her family. Over the years, this move abroad cultivated her true love for Japan, it’s unmistakable culture, identity and people —fuelling a desire to move back on her own to study. On her return to Japan, the picturesque image she had built in her mind was not all it seemed. Much to her dismay, Reiko noticed that Japan was not the oriental fashion capital she once remembered —saying goodbye to the kimono and hello to heavily westernised trends. Spending time in Canada taught her the importance of not being influenced by the norms of others and to proudly embrace her unique identity. This prompted Reiko to begin her own journey with AMATERAS, reigniting the distinct flare of traditional Japanese style and reintroducing a movement that empowers and strengthens Japanese women.