Collection: The Sunglasses Sleeve

An ultra-protective pouch to shelter your eyewear and prevent scratches.
Explore sun-soaked horizons effortlessly with the Sunglasses Sleeve, an ultra-protective eyewear case from MAISON de SABRÉ that shields your essential glasses from on-the-go friction and scratches. Crafted from full-grain European DriTan™ leather, the world’s most sustainable variety, the Sunglasses Sleeve fits most sunglasses and reading glasses varieties in a slender and compact design. Providing safe on-the-go stowage, the MAISON de SABRÉ Sunglasses Sleeve stores entirely flat before a single pop with your fingers expands the pouch to allow for secure stowage. A buttery full-grain leather interior prevents micro scratches while a durable leather shields your sunglasses and spectacles against external dangers. It arrives in eight pop colour versions including Manhattan Orange, Sandstone Brown, Black Caviar, Pomegranate Red, Pink Lily, Shibuya Fuchsia, Bondi Blue and Emerald Green. The MAISON de SABRÉ Sunglasses Sleeve can also be personalised up to four characters and arrives in a Sabre Blué gift box made from 98% recycled materials. A minimalistic eyewear pouch for your most crucial style essential wherever your journey takes you.