Isabelle Quinn

Isabelle Quinn

Isabelle Quinn: Make Your Mark Moments

How did you #MakeYourMark?

Australian designer Isabelle Quinn creates hand-made garments to empower women with confidence and promote an everflowing sense of inner-beauty. Her forward yet readily wearable pieces are stylishly adorned by thousands of women; serving as an immense source of motivation to design and innovate in her industry. Four years into the business, Isabelle tells us she still gets butterflies when she sees tagged posts of incredible woman in her dresses. By creating flawless designs which portray a message of beautiful confidence, Isabelle has been able to make her mark within the fashion industry. 

 My Story


To all social butterflies who aspire to be in fashion design, you’re in luck. Isabelle started her journey as a 21-year-old socialite who was enthralled in creating original hand-made pieces when she couldn’t find affordable ready-to-wear. She had a natural talent, an eye for detail and believed she could start a business which strived to empower women to feel beautiful and confident.

 At first, she pushed her friends to wear her designs which prompted her Instagram following to grow. This media growth allowed Isabelle’s label to flourish, as she has now opened her first store on Australia’s Gold Coast. Undeniably, Isabelle’s passion and vision of creating a community of impeccably dressed and empowered woman makes her stand out as a designer, being the root of her success.