The Mini Tote In New York Featuring The Young Emperors

The Mini Tote In New York Featuring The Young Emperors

The Mini Tote In New York Featuring The Young Emperors

We have landed in New York! Join Isabel Chaput and Nelson Tiberghien of the Young Emperors as they take us behind the scenes on the afternoon of their campaign shoot. They share intimate insights into their journey through the Big Apple, and how The Mini Tote ignites their spirit of discovery.

Against a backdrop of rush hour with a blazing sunset over the skyline, we chatted to our New York campaign stars, content creators the Young Emperors. The pair have taken New York by storm with their playful approach to fashion content curation incorporating music, art, culture and more. Never afraid to make a statement with their clothing and accessories, The Mini Tote in Manhattan Orange is the shade that sparks a creative journey of discovery through their city.


MDS: How does The Mini Tote inspire a spirit of adventure in you?


NELSON: The mini size calls for adventure, for sure. It gives me a sense of freedom that I can go anywhere in this city. I love the shape. It’s a perfect rectangle and the lines are just beautiful.


ISABEL: Because The Mini Tote is small and light, it gives me freedom to move around and discover my city. I think it's also a very cool statement, so it gives me a feeling of confidence. 


MDS: Where is your favourite place to carry it and why?


NELSON: When I go out in the street in New York I don’t like to carry much with me, so The Mini Tote is very practical for me from day to day, because I feel I can do anything with it. 


ISABEL: My favourite place to carry it is all through the city when I'm out and about, especially when going  to galleries. It reminds me to expect the unexpected here in New York. 


MDS: In what ways is the colour unique to your city?


NELSON: I love the sunshine, so I love bright colours. I think Manhattan Orange is the perfect reminder of that for me.  


ISABEL: Manhattan Orange perfectly represents the iconic bright orange sunset of New York, capturing the spirit of this city. 


MDS: What would you usually put inside The Mini Tote on a typical day?


NELSON: I like to travel light, so I just take the strict necessities with me. My credit card, some sunglasses and I'm ready to go.


ISABEL: On a typical day I would put my keys, my cards, my phone and maybe a lipstick in The Mini Tote.


MDS: How does The Mini Tote celebrate your individuality?


ISABEL: The unique colour of The Mini Tote perfectly highlights my individuality. The classic shape of the bag, with its bright orange colour really represents my personality, because I like to think of myself as someone who mixes classic and eccentric styles.

MDS: How do you like to style it ?


ISABEL: I like to carry it across my body. It goes everywhere with me.


MDS: What is one ‘secret’ spot  in your city that not many people know about?


NELSON: It’s really hard in New York to have a ‘secret spot’ because everything is kind of already ‘out there’, but we do have our places we like to go. There’s a little coffee shop in front of our house, there’s a French restaurant in our area that we visit often. 


ISABEL: I don't know if it's a very secret spot, but there is a garden called Elizabeth Street Garden that is absolutely beautiful. It's in the Nolita neighbourhood. There are lots of statues there, and it's a great spot to be in nature in the middle of the city.


MDS: How does The Mini Tote give you the freedom or inspiration to discover your city?


NELSON: The Mini Tote’s size is great because you don’t feel it on you when you’re carrying it, so you can travel freely and you feel total freedom. 


ISABEL: With its small size and cross body strap, The Mini Tote gives us a spirit of adventure and freedom. It’s cute and small, and it gives us the freedom to go anywhere we want.


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