Feel Real With Lavender Purple – MAISON de SABRÉ

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Feel Real With Lavender Purple

Go behind the scenes with our Lavender Purple campaign talent Sianie Aitken, who shares her insights into working with MAISON de SABRE’s creative team in bringing this exclusive campaign to life.

Feel Real With Lavender Purple

A joyous new colour, a journey for the senses. We went behind the scenes with our Lavender Purple campaign talent Sianie Aitken, who shared some insights into working with MAISON de SABRE’s creative team in bringing this exclusive campaign to life, and the surreal experience of shooting with a digital simulation screen, immersing her in a Lavender Purple universe. Also discover how this colour has inspired our brand friends around the world to celebrate their creativity through styling and self-expression. 

MDS: Can you describe how Lavender Purple makes you feel?

: I always feel very comforted by Lavender Purple. It is such a fun colour yet it’s also soft and calming. I am so excited to see MAISON de SABRE’s Lavender Purple collection as I think it is such an elegant and optimistic colour for people to be able to express themselves with.

MDS: What has been your experience of shooting this campaign on set with MAISON de SABRE’s creative team?

SIANIE: I had a great time shooting this campaign on set with the team. Even though there was already a solid foundation of inspiration for the shoot, there was still so much room for experimental and creative freedom. I think an integral part of that was the flexibility of the digital simulation screen. Collaborating with an amazing team of creatives and the digital simulation screen was such a fantastic experience.

MDS:  Have you ever worked with a digital/simulation screen before? How did it mirror the experience of being in a real life Lavender field?

SIANIE: This was my first time! It was such an interesting and surreal experience working with the digital simulation screen, in the sense that when shooting it felt like a regular studio, however at the same time I was looking at the monitor off camera and seeing photos of myself standing in a beautiful lavender field. I think that this experience really mirrored the modern day reality of shooting a campaign in a creative and safe environment. 

MDS: In what ways do you use the Spring season to refresh your outlook on life and work?

SIANIE: Spring is always a season that I feel a lot more motivated in, the weather is the perfect mix of cool breezes and warm sun so it encourages me to get outdoors more. I would undeniably agree with the statement that the Spring season is a time of renewal, it allows me and others alike to refresh outlooks on life and work.

MDS: What is your favourite landscape to explore in Australia and why?

SIANIE: I don’t know if I can pick just one when we have such a multitude of various landscapes here. I live in an area surrounded by a lot of bush and it's incredible to be able to step outside your house and be completely engulfed by the sounds of the wildlife. However the one landscape that I would love to explore is the desert!