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Valentine’s Day with the Love Club

From Melbourne, to Okayama, to Detroit, meet the faces (and hearts) of the MAISON de SABRÉ Love Club.

Valentine’s Day with the Love Club

From Melbourne, to Okayama, to Detroit, meet the faces (and hearts) of the MAISON de SABRÉ Love Club. This Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating the spirit of companionship and connection across the world, inspired by our community of brand friends and supporters who understand exactly what we mean by ‘better together’. Discover five unique stories of friendship, joy and unconditional love that will warm your heart. 

Name: Lisa Addo and Addofio

City: Detroit, USA

Occupation: Business Development (Lisa) and Realtor (Addofio)

Years in love: 8

How do you define companionship?

Companionship is knowing that you are never alone. That despite the unknown, you

have someone to count on and who counts on you in return. It’s the bond that two

people share that can’t be matched or broken.

What does love feel like to you?

Love feels warm and gentle. It is kind and accepting while also, inviting and deep. Love

makes you drop your shoulders and exhale. Love is good.

In what ways are you ‘better together’?

LISA: Addofio is my soft when I am hard. He is my words when I am speechless. He’s literally my other half. A person designed and meant for me, who makes up for where I lack and because of him I’m a full package. 

ADDOFIO: In my opinion, we’re better together when we communicate and are on the same mission. We can tackle and attain whatever we wish to attain. 

What colour from MAISON de SABRÉ’s Collection best represents your Valentine and why? 

LISA: Black Caviar because that is what Addo is drawn to, no matter the product. I think its the depth that the color carries, the beginning and the end. It’s full in spectrum yet simplistic in appearance. It makes a statement in the most classic way.

ADDOFIO: Saharan Nude because that’s where Lisa is spiritually at the moment. She’s in a state of peace and calmness. 

How do you ‘Make your mark’ as a couple?

By going through the process of life together, one milestone at a time. To dream, build

and create the world we see for ourselves, family and others to be inspired by.

Share the love with Lisa on Instagram: @lisaaidoo

Name: Sarsha Simone and Isabel

City: Sydney, Australia

Occupation: Singer/Songwriter (Sarsha) and Beauty Entrepreneur (Isabel)

Years together: 3 years of friendship

How do you define companionship?

Companionship to me is being able to spend time together and feel comfortable enough to be exactly who you are. There’s a sense of peace with friendships like this and they don’t come along very often. 

What does friendship love feel like to you?

Friendship love is feeling accepted and supported without the need for co- dependancy, but it’s also being supportive and accepting. There’s a special bond between women who support each other completely as there isn’t any space for judgement or jealousy.  

In what ways are you ‘better together’? 

SARSHA: We make each other better by keeping each other accountable yet loved. We try to keep the other inspired even when they aren’t. Our better is when we are being pushed and questioned. Isabel inspires me with her passion for life daily.

ISABEL: We are better together because of the encouragement and constant support we provide for each other. We connect on such a deep level in so many ways and it’s so refreshing. Sarsha brings her methodical and organised approach to the table and suddenly there is clarity. 

What colour from MAISON de SABRÉ’s Collection best represents your Valentine and why? 

SARSHA: Pomegranate Red best represents Isabel as she is fiery, passionate and inspiring. Her voice pushes those around her to do better and be better. This love and passion for life is why I love who she is and what she stands for. 

ISABEL: Pink Lily most represents Sarsha’s style because she is refined, fiercely optimistic and not afraid to show up as herself. Sarsha let’s the bold colours speak through her creativity as she is calm, sweet and nurturing . The colour pink is another way to show her girlie side. 

How do you ‘Make your mark’ as a duo? 

We are creative mischiefs using style and conversation to inspire

Share the love with Sarsha on Instagram: @sarshasimone

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