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The ‘Mo’ as a Mark of Individuality

Join us in supporting Movember as we explore the social and cultural symbolism of the ‘Mo’ with Aaron Chan, Co-Founder and Creative Director of King’s Domain Barbershop.

The ‘Mo’ as a Mark of Individuality


Join us in supporting Movember as we explore the social and cultural significance of the ‘Mo’ with Aaron Chan, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Kings Domain Barbershop. 

The Mo’ is back. Well, it never really went away, but it’s front and centre again this  November, reminding us about the importance of prioritising discussions around men’s mental health, celebrating your individuality in the process. 

Over the decades, the moustache has evolved as a social and cultural symbol representing everything from eccentric artistic personalities, to bold fashion statements. Since 2004, its presence as the hero of ‘Movember’ awareness month adds another social and cultural layer to its symbolism. Growing a moustache in November encourages men - and all members of society - to open up about their mental health struggles, knowing that community support is never far away.

Time travel with the Mo’

Co-Founder and Creative Director of Kings Domain Barbershop, Aaron Chan, has seen his fair share of moustaches in his time. He notes that they have become extremely popular again over the past few decades, particularly among a younger generation. This is due to initiatives like Movember that engage a global community in important social discussions that are often difficult to have. 

‘I’d have to say the recent popularity of the moustache is largely due to the great work of Movember. The Mo’ has not only become a centre point for generating awareness for men’s mental health, but it has also found its place in fashion for those looking for something a little left of centre,’ he says.

The mark of individuality

Just like a monogram, the moustache has a long history of being associated with both individuality and culture. Aaron believes its power as a ‘mark’ of influence was exemplified in strong artistic and literary personalities like Salvador Dali, Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso. In the 50s and 60s, the moustache was closely associated with the ‘beatnik’ generation, a European wave of ‘hipsters’ who idolised poetry, music and eccentric trends. Evidently, the moustache has evolved as a mark of deeply personal creative expression. 

‘Today we’re seeing this same repetition of trend and culture, where men are wanting to show more of their personality through grooming. I think we’ve revolutionised the moustache  even more in this generation by accompanying it with the important conversation around men’s health awareness. This has added a new layer to a simple trend,’ Aaron says.

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