Introducing Jelligrain™ Silicone

Introducing Jelligrain™ Silicone

The world's first and only pebbled silicone with one-of-a-kind finishings and groundbreaking technology. Engineered to mimic the plush texture of our signature full-grain leather while keeping your device safer than ever.


Material Innovation

Looks like leather. Feels like leather. Not leather. It's Jelligrain™, thoughtfully engineered for its incredible strength, texture, bounce, and biocompatibility. Our new Jelligrain™ silicone is the world's first and only pebbled silicone finished with specially curated coatings, making it both dust and static resistant with a lush matte finish. Its unmistakable hand feel is a result of high-res 3D scanning used to replicate our renowned full-grain leather.


A Leather Counterpart

What manifests a life of luxury more than a personalised MdS leather phone case? Not much. But when you're about to go cliff jumping in Corfu or skydiving in Stockholm, you might need a case that's a little more lifeproof. That's why the first application of our new Jelligrain™ material is through our all-new silicone phone case. Introducing an ultra-protective yet super refined phone case that's ready for your wildest adventures, with the same plush look and feel of our signature pebbled leather you already know and love. It's the silicone phone case you've been waiting for, available in all the lastest iPhone models.


Another Conscious Choice

For those of us who value quality and longevity as much as we do style and adventure, the Jelligrain™ Silicone Phone Case is an obvious choice. We love being able to offer our community more options in sustainable materials while minimising our environmental impact and ensuring incomparable protection for your most-used daily companions. Jelligrain™ silicone is the latest addition to our line of premium accessories that don't cost the planet.