Amber Vittoria

Amber Vittoria

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How did you #MakeYourMark?

As modern day conversations around stereotypes are silenced, Amber Vittoria finds a unique way to create talk around the topic of women by balancing humour and colour. By creating raw and unique illustrative personality through her large shapes, round colours and bright patterns, she depicts an exaggerated version of a woman's body.  The naming of her illustrations such as “Do Apples worry about their appearance?” matched with oversized shapes continues to take the heart of her audience and inspires women to dismantle stereotypes and shift their perceptions on true beauty. Without a doubt, she is conquering her aim of creating the “ideal feminine female” and making her mark through this creative outlet. 

My Story

Amber Vittoria’s way of working is as special as her story. You might think being an illustrator who is living and working in NYC is nearly impossible. However, Amber was a small town girl growing up two hours north of Manhattan who dedicated her time to taking as many art classes as she could. From this, she graduated from art school in Boston and worked full-time as a graphic designer, leaving her passion for illustration as a side-hustle. From leveraging her vision to create unique physical characteristics on women, she has been able to  partner with Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Adidas, The New York Times amongst others. Her success is undeniable, but can be grasped by anyone who is dedicated enough to want it.