Bec Craven

Bec Craven

Bec Craven: Make your Mark Moments 

How did you #MakeYourMark?

Stemming from her own gratitude for life, 29-year-old Bec Craven is an Australian model who is dedicated to raising awareness for body positivity and health literacy. Her passion for her career and ensuing social following stemmed from her overwhelming drive to portray body positivity in every light, finding strength from her own personal confrontations. A scar, from the site of a heart transplant, serves as a daily reminder to find inner strength and to let individuals from all walks of life know that “it's okay to show and be you”. 

My Story

At just 24-years-old, an overseas holiday turned into an unfortunate diagnosis for heart failure following an acute viral infection. Finding herself on a waitlist to receive a heart transplant, and with a mechanical heart beating away, Bec thought that the future she had once envisioned may be changed forever. With a permanent scar and reminder of the transplant she was fortunate to later receive, Bec was motivated to celebrate her new lease on life and scream to the world that beauty is not an industry defined standard, but a kaleidoscope of colour, shape and difference. Through her career and voice on social media, Bec continues to be an advocate for body positivity and a less talked about topic -organ donation.