Horizon 2022 Campaign

Behind The Seams Meet The Stars Of Our Horizons 2022 Campaign

Revitalised by a new year and ready to soar towards the life of their dreams, meet rising stars Sarah Su (@sarahsuuu) and Matthew Eriksson (@mattheweriksson): the faces of our Horizons 2022 campaign.

Serving a little inspiration and a lot of hope, get to know these rising stars as we go behind the ‘seams’ and beyond the horizon.


MDS: Both 2020 and 2021 presented a challenging couple of years for the world at an individual and collective level. How has going through the past two years influenced your approach to 2022?


Matthew: 2020 and 2021 has taught me that I can overcome anything and nothing is too hard.

Sarah: After all the extended lockdowns of the past two years, I’ve learnt to be comfortable in my own company and to self-love. This is something that I’ll definitely take with me into 2022.

MDS: What would you say is the greatest lesson you learnt in 2021 that you will carry with you into the new year?

Sarah:  I would say, to stay positive no matter what, that the difficult times will pass and you will always find a new purpose in life 

Matthew: To let go of what doesn’t serve me to my highest good.


MDS: On the flipside, what’s something you would very much love to leave behind in 2021?

Sarah: I’d love to stop being so worried about the future and really live in the present, enjoying every moment in life.

Matthew: In 2021, I’d like to leave behind negativity and focus on the positive!


MDS: Tell us about the experience of shooting the Horizons campaign with our creative team. How was your time on set?


Sarah: My time on set has really inspired me to make my mark in various aspects in my daily life, and travel to ‘new horizons’.

Matthew: Shooting the horizons campaign with MAISON de SABRÉ has really inspired me to think outside the box, and follow the unconventional path [I really believe] this is how I will make my mark.


MDS: Did you have a favourite shot or story from behind-the scenes?


Sarah: My favourite moment of the shoot was at the grassy location of the set by the water. It really made me feel reconnected with nature.

Matthew: A personal highlight on location was shooting at golden hour at La Perouse [Beach]. This felt like a ‘new beginning’, with a sense of renewal.


MDS: If you had to describe yourself as one of our signature MAISON de SABRÉ colours, which one would it be and why?


Sarah: I resonate most with the Dusk Lilac colour as it’s calm yet vibrant!

Matthew: I would describe myself as Black Caviar as it represents being unique and bold.

MDS: With 2022 just beginning, how would you like to ‘Make Your Mark’ on the world this year?


Sarah: I’d like to make my mark this year by standing my ground and being true to myself.

Matthew: In 2022, I promise to not care what anyone thinks of me, be fearless and not limit my potential.


MDS: If you could choose just one word to capture what you hope to symbolise 2022, what would it be?


Sarah: Optimism.

Matthew: Resilient.


To create your very own Horizons toolkit here. For more from Sarah and Matthew, follow them on Instagram @sarahsuuu and @mattheweriksson.



Photography by Daniel Dickman (@danjdickman)

Styling by Rebecca Alonzo (@rebeccaalonzo)

Hair by Hayley Dutton (@hayleyduttonmakeupartist)

Makeup by Hayley Dutton (@hayleyduttonmakeupartist)