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Behind The Seams: Bringing Our New Laptop Case To Life

Bored of basic sleeves in the same bland shades, we made our brand new Laptop Case collection to bring joy and style back to the table (literally). Here, an exclusive peek at how it all came to life and why it all goes back to one key inspiration: colour.

Behind The Seams: Bringing Our New Laptop Case To Life

Nature. Fashion. Technology: three things that have seemingly nothing to do with one another or everything, especially when it comes to our brand new Laptop Case collection.

Released for the first time on June 24, the motivation to make it was simple: bring fun and style back to the table (literally). Bored of basic sleeves in the same bland shades, we took inspiration from some of nature's most vibrant colours to create a piece that we knew would, to borrow from Marie Kondo, spark joy.

Here, we chat to our Co-Founder and Creative Director, Omar Sabré, to give you an exclusive behind-the-seams peek at how our Laptop Case came to life.

Walk me through the whole inspiration behind the Laptop Case

Omar: Everything we design is done through a lens of optimism, and what we really try to focus our product range on is companion products items that are there with you every single day and are high-use, like our Phone Case, Wallets and Mini Tote.

So, one of the key concepts behind continuing this companionship concept for our customers was being there for them from ‘work to play’, and to bring more ‘play’ into work as well especially as all the lockdowns have happened and continue to happen.

Hence, we wanted to create a product that reminded them of optimism in their everyday working moments as well.

What was the thinking behind the design itself?

Omar: Typically, when we look at laptop cases, they are all pretty drab and boring and there’s not that much excitement in purchasing them. Secondly, it’s your most frequently used device, second to your phone. Whether you’re working or you’re watching a movie or doing research, your laptop is usually your second-most frequently used device and second-most prized possession that you have as well.

So, we wanted to create something that was incredibly slim, that housed the laptop in a way that allows you to carry it without bulk, and be really protective as well. Then, aesthetically, it also needed to look great!

Finally, everything we create is based on user-centric design, and that’s why we went with a vertical shape as well.

Tell me more about the decision to go with a vertical design over the classic horizontal-style.

Omar: The reason we went vertical with ours is because we studied the way users actually interact with their devices. The key thing that happens when you’re using your laptop or even when you’re not using it is that you’re storing it in a vertical format. You’re hardly ever storing it horizontally.

One of the great things about our case is that, if you’re done with it, you can tuck it away really safely into the case and you can zip the case up three-quarters of the way, and it will still charge. I think that’s one of the best things about it: that it’s still functional even when it’s not in use.

The other thing is, when you’re on-the-go, having it in a vertical orientation also means you can carry that Laptop Case in any way you want, without compromising your device’s security. Whether you carry it on the side or upright, the zipper means that it’s always secure and safe, compared to a horizontal zipper which only lets you carry it one very specific way.