Quiz: Which Tote Bag Is Best for You?

Quiz: Which Tote Bag Is Best for You?

Finding That Tote Bag

A good tote bag is something you’ll have for the long haul. One day it’s coming with you on your daily commute, packed neatly with your laptop and favourite notebook, the next it’s packed with produce from the weekend markets.

Our all-new Soft Tote is available in two variants, thoughtfully designed to suit your unique lifestyle.


The Soft Tote Bag With Zipper

The zipped variant of our Soft Tote bag features a full-length zipper, hand-polished to perfection with an ultra-smooth slide and a glistening shine.

Held neatly by a wraparound leather collar that fits snug around the bag’s opening, this secure style offers peace of mind for the commuter and jet-setter alike.


The Soft Tote Bag With Magnetic Snap

The snap variant of our Soft Tote is a more casual companion and features a slightly more slouchy shape, held neatly in place by a strong magnetic snap closure. 

The snap variant is also available in our all-new colourblock range, so you can celebrate your playful side with surprising contrast-coloured interiors.


So, Which Tote Bag Is the Best for You?

We’ve come up with a super fun (and short) quiz to help you decide which variant of the all-new Soft Tote is right for you. Ready to meet your new forever-bag?