The Upcycled Keychain: Reducing Impact and Improving Product

The Upcycled Keychain: Reducing Impact and Improving Product

How upcycling is playing a role in our initiative to reduce our environmental impact and support a bright future for our industry.

What Is Upcycling?

Thoughtfully repurposing waste or residual material to create something new. Unlike recycling where waste is broken down and then transformed, upcycling takes existing leftover materials and turns them into something new without dramatically altering the original material.

Why Upcycling Is Important?

Upcycling plays a major role in reducing waste and environmental impact. Instead of discarding unused material or spending the energy and resources to recycle it, the upcycling process gives that material a new life by transforming it into something purposeful, exactly as it is.


The Impact of Upcycling at MdS

We're upcycling our manufacturing offcuts to create new product. Enter The Upcycled Keychain. This little beauty has helped us reduce our waste, resource consumption, and carbon emissions. Instead of discarding our leather scraps, we are now collecting and repurposing them to create a unique keychain that is personalised to order.


The Upcycled Keychain

Crafted exclusively from our DriTan™ leather offcuts, the leather strap repurposes our surplus of the world's most sustainable leather to create something beautiful and functional. Complete with custom ultra-polished gold hardware, we've transformed our offcuts into our most sustainable accessory yet, which also happens to be our shiniest. Because sustainability is sexy.