Unique Best Friend Gifts

Unique Best Friend Gifts


Is your best friend’s birthday coming up? Is Christmas approaching? Or maybe you just wish to give your bestie a fantastic gift to celebrate your friendship. After all, it’s a lovely idea to give a friendship anniversary gift to remind them how special they are to you. 

Your best friend deserves — you guessed it — the best. So, if you lack inspiration, fret not. Our gift guide details every luxury BFF gift that’s sure to put a smile on their face. And don’t stress that you’re unoriginal — we’ve got a unique selection of ideas.

Firstly, here are some old favourites that pretty much always a safe bet, when in doubt:

  • Friendship bracelet
  • Custom best friend portrait
  • Essential oil diffuser
  • Scented candle

However, if you’re looking for something that bit more special, we’ve got you covered!

Bespoke Gifts

Whether it’s your best friend’s birthday, Christmas or you want to give them a gift of appreciation; there are specific presents no one can live without!

Think to yourself: What does your friend use every day? How can you complement that?


Phone Case

A glamorous, sleek phone case is the ultimate friendship gift for your best friend. With the never-ending release of snazzy new phones, your best friend deserves to show off their latest purchase in style. Bespoke phone cases are excellent gift ideas for girls and boys.

Gift this iPhone 13 Pro Max Case, offering classy second skin protection for their most prized possession for your friend’s birthday. 

This beautiful case comes in various colours, including the limited edition Manhattan Orange, Bondi Blue, Shibuya Fuschia, and Dusk Lilac. You can purchase this glamorous design for most iPhone models and some Samsung phones. 

Make this flawless gift even more unique by personalising it. You can add a small, memorable message to let your best friend know how important they are to you, and you can even include a heart emoji to perfect the gift. 

Laptop Case

Thinking of more significant birthday gift ideas? Gifting a laptop case with a personal touch is equal parts practical, stylish, and unique. 

These stunning and luxurious laptop cases are available in a whole spectrum of colours to customise to your friend’s liking. Made of high-quality leather, they are perfect gifts for your friend, no matter their gender. You can also add a classy personalised touch with their monogram or meaningful letters in gold or silver.

A bespoke laptop case is practical, professional, and sophisticated for Christmas, birthday gifts, or as a general mark of appreciation. 

Watch Strap

Yes, it’s an unexpected friend gift idea, but that’s exactly what makes it great! A customised watch strap is a unique way to tell your best friend you appreciate them. 

In this modern world of phones, your friend wants a watch that can do more than tell the time — they deserve an esteemed, charming accessory. 

What better way to give birthday gifts to friends than designing their very own high-quality watch strap?

AirPods Case

Perhaps the unique gift? AirPods Cases! Custom-made, elegant AirPods Cases for the world’s most innovative technology are made entirely of leather. 

Gifts for best friends cannot get much better than this. Protective and sleek, you can add a message to this personalised best friend present. 

Bags, Wallets, Pouches

Not sure your bestie needs a bespoke designed case? However, everyone needs a bag or wallet. Gift them a classy, handsome bag that they won’t want to miss being seen with!


Personalised Wallet

Wallets wear down quickly and are used daily. A high-quality, superior leather wallet will last your best friend a lifetime. A sleek, stunning wallet is the ideal way to gift friendship. 

Wallets make the perfect Christmas gift for a friend who’s always misplacing their cards or money. The quality leather material of our dazzling cardholders smells fantastic. Wallets are all customisable.  

Or, purchase our elegant zipped wallet for a uniquely personal gift. Why not get matching wallets as gifts for a couple of friends?

Stylish Bags

Beautiful, luxurious bags are suitable gifts for friends on their birthday, wedding gifts, or a sister’s gift.

Does your best friend take part in a book club? A customised leather Mini Tote is the perfect size to carry their books without cramping their style.

Other birthday gift ideas include a premium Micro Cross Body Bag or the elegant Clutch. Personalise your gift for your friend by adding meaningful letters, their initials, or a heart. 

Friend’s birthday gifts can’t get much more luxurious and memorable than this and are made with beautiful pebbled leather. A stylish bag is a perfect gift for any friend.

Beauty Pouch

Are you looking for a gift for women? Your best friend will adore a high-quality, beautiful makeup bag to keep all their essentials in. 

These beauty pouches are made with premium leather and a super soft waterproof lining. In short? They are the ultimate makeup bags for all your friends. 

Available in two sizes for daily use and extended travel, it is the perfect gift idea. It is freestanding with a reinforced base to ensure it is a robust and durable beauty pouch. 

Why not go the extra mile and fill your gift with little extras? An eye mask, nail polish, and lavender-scented essential oils add an extra touch to your precious present.

Glorious Gift Sets and Bundles

Whether it’s a momentous occasion or you simply want to go the extra mile, your best friend deserves something truly special, and that’s why a stunning gift set is an ideal present. 

Thoughtful gifts and gift baskets ideas include:

  • Wine glass and wine subscription.
  • Dashing bedding set, including a throw blanket and silk pillowcase.
  • Luxury liqueurs and cocktail recipes book.

However, if you want the ultimate unique best friend gifts, look no further than MAISON de SABRÉ’s beautiful bundles.

For Style

Got a fashionista for a BFF? The chic Style Set is the perfect addition to any friend’s wardrobe. 

The Style Set is elegantly curated for daily travels, and features the glamorous Mini Tote, stylish Phone Case, and fundamental Card Holder. 

Translation? A simple yet sleek and must-have selection for your best friend!

Protective Set

Essential for all your friend’s most precious technology, this matching bundle of cases for laptops, phones, and AirPods is a truly unique best friend gift. Personalise your gift sets by adding a small message to each item. 

Laptop cases are compatible with all thirteen-inch laptops.

Let your friend pull off that chic look while protecting their most prized possessions. The Tech Set is the perfect gift. Plus, by purchasing a gift set with MAISON de SABRÉ, you’ll receive a complimentary Limited Edition MAISON de SABRÉ gift!


This gift set comprises a professional phone case, elegant cardholder, and innovative AirPods case. The Essentials Set has everything your friend needs to complete their day-to-day activities in style. 

All items can be personalised with your friend’s initials to give it that extra special touch. The Essentials Set is the ideal gift for every best friend, whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, or just a chance to tell them how much they mean to you.

Go-to Set

The Go-to set fulfils the basic needs of everybody. Tell your friend how much you love and appreciate them with this set of personalised phone cases and AirPods cases. Protecting your everyday devices without cramping your style, the Go-to Set is the ultimate bundle.

Made with durable leather material, the Phone case and AirPods Case are protective and durable for your most-used tech. They look stunning too, so your friend will love them even more. 


Double Up

Why not double up with the Twin Set? Are you and your best friend inseparable? Do you want matching phone cases with a personalised message?

Nothing says friendship like this Twin-Set; polished, protective leather phone cases will make you and your best friend the envy of everyone. Available in a range of gorgeous colours, these phone cases are lined with soft suede microfiber to give your phone the ultimate protection. 

Summing Up

Whether you have a long-distance friendship or see your bestie every day, unique gift ideas are a special way to remind them how much they mean to you. 

Don’t wait for a special day to show your friend your appreciation — surprise them today!

These luxury, sleek gifts also make a unique birthday gift for anyone, or you can purchase them for:

  • Mother’s Day.
  • Father’s Day.
  • Valentines Day.
  • A stocking stuffer.

Top off your special present with homemade gift cards. There is no effort too great for your gift; best friends deserve the finest presents.