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Why Our New Coral Blue Collection Is Our Most Sustainable Yet

Inspired by the dazzling hues of Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef, our Limited Edition Coral Blue collection marks the first of many steps towards becoming a more conscious brand. Here, a deep dive into what makes it so unique and how the difference it makes today, contributes to a better world tomorrow.

Why Our New Coral Blue Collection Is Our Most Sustainable Yet

A sustainable future is our only future.

Let that sink in.

Put simply, humanity quite literally could not continue in a world where our practices prevent the planet—already ravaged by the ongoing impact of climate change—from healing.

Another harrowing fact? The fashion industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions, and nearly 20% of wastewater.

All that to say: we all have to make a change.

So, here at MAISON de SABRÉ, we decided to start in our own house, taking a wholly different direction with our newest release: the Coral Blue collection, a Limited Edition capsule created in partnership with ECCO Leather.

Intrigued? Here, a deep dive into what makes the Coral Blue collection our most sustainable yet, and how the difference it makes today, contributes to a better world tomorrow.


Let’s start at the very beginning.

As with all of our colourways, our core inspiration for Coral Blue came from the vibrant hues present in nature. When designing this collection, we found ourselves drawn to the dazzling hues of the Great Barrier Reef and a unique species of endangered coral known as Heliopora coerulea, or as its friends like to call it, ‘Blue Coral’.

It’s well-known that the Great Barrier Reef has long suffered from coral bleaching, an effect of climate change caused by rising sea temperatures. In fact, the Centre of Excellence for Coral Studies published research in October 2020 finding that the number of corals across the Great Barrier Reef has halved in the past 20 years, and the reduction in coverage and diversity of corals had diminished vital habitat for marine species that live there.

In short? We found our inspiration, and this time, we knew it had to give back to the very Reef that inspired it—in more ways than one.


Multifold problems often call for multifold solutions, and when it came to making a change within our own practices and developing Coral Blue, we knew it would have to start with the very core: our leather.

Enter: ECCO Leather, one of the world’s most progressive leather tanneries, and their game-changing DriTan™ technology—a world-first, water-free tanning process. Unlike traditional leather tanning, which wastes 25 million litres of water annually (enough to provide a year’s worth of drinking water to 9,000 people!), their revolutionary tanning technology doesn’t use any.

How, you ask? The technology uses the moisture already present in the hides, with the finished product looking and feeling just as good as those that come out of conventional tanning. Besides saving huge amounts of water, it also significantly reduces the amount of chemicals used in the tanning process and saves 600 tonnes of sludge going to landfills each year.

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