tech gifts for women

Tech Gifts For Women

Fact: not every gift for women wants an eye mask or oil diffuser as a birthday gift. These days? Female personal care is increasingly looking like a massage gun, robot vacuum or Nintendo switch. 

Making life more manageable and entertaining us as we go, tech gift ideas are a must for this year's birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. So, if the special woman in your life favours gadgets over glamour or a combination of both make sure to treat her to the leading technology on the market.

With new releases every year, the women in your life deserve the best, most up to date tech available. Need some ideas? Below, our gift-giving guide for tech items, both fashionable and functional.




Apple has dominated the top five smartphone manufacturers since 2009 — and their iPhones only continue to impress us year after year. 


The latest performer on the smartphone stage is none other than the iPhone 13. This recent release is the top of the range that the woman in your life deserves. Don't wait until Black Friday to order this gift. Jump the queues and buy it today.


Apple offers this newest model like an iPhone Mini, Pro and Pro Max. Released in September 2021, you can't get much more up-to-date technology than the Apple iPhone 13 right now. 


Apple boasts an improved battery life and a phone camera to end all phone cameras of its latest software.


We use our phones for everything, from the most basic tasks, like setting reminders in your calendar, to filming and editing whole videos! 


Cell phones like the iPhone 13 don't come around every day. Give your girl the best she deserves. 


iPhone Accessories


If you're getting her a brand new, state-of-the-art iPhone, she can't do without an equally high-quality phone case to protect it! Have you considered splashing out and buying her a perfectly chic phone case? 


Another cool gadget she cannot live without is the latest Apple AirTag. From only $29, the Apple AirTag is an essential household item. Far better than a Bluetooth tracker, this device can help you track any items. 


Is she constantly losing her keys? Attach an AirTag to her keyrings to ensure that they are easily traced every time! A practical gift to make her life easier (and probably yours too).


She's also going to need wireless earbuds. With the growing popularity of podcasts, Apple AirPods are essential. Treat the women in your life as they deserve with all the latest tech goods.


Bespoke iPhone Cases


If she already has a phone she loves, why not get her a luxuriously personalised phone case to protect her prized possession? 


There's no better present than this stylish phone case to protect her cool tech. Available for all iPhone models — including the latest iPhone 13 — these phone cases are customisable. 


Choose from an extensive range of colours, including a selection of unique limited edition colours. Personalise your gift with her initials and a heart for that extra special touch. 


MAISON de SABRÉ's phone cases made with leather are designed with beauty and durability in mind. It is a sleek second skin that will protect it from scratches.




Phone chargers so often get tangled up or twisted and broken. How many times have you yanked a tangle of wires out of your bag? Well, never again! 


The best gift you can give this year is a wireless charging pad. While wireless chargers aren't as fast as their cord counterparts, an elegant, decorative charging pad can add to your home décor.


Our favourite charging pad is Einova's Marble Charging Stone. Made with 100% marble or stone, this sleek, polished charger is the ultimate tech gift.

Snazzy AirPods Cases


The one problem with AirPods is our fear of losing them! Apple's AirPods are the very best way to listen to music; therefore, they deserve the very best case.


Give the woman in your life a sleek, chic AirPod case. Made entirely of leather, they offer your wireless earphones the best care. Choose from a variety of bold and adventurous colours. You can even personalise her initials to be sure she will never lose them. 


A perfect gift for a Christmas stocking, birthday or Valentine's gift — the AirPod cases are the only all-leather ones on the market. 




You can't get a cool tech gift much better than the MacBook Pro. Match her latest iPhone 13 with the best laptop money can buy. If you're looking for perfect gifts, she deserves none other than the newest MacBook Pro. 


Laptop Accessories 


If she already has a laptop she loves, why not get her laptop accessories? Perfect birthday gifts or stocking fillers, laptop accessories are functional and stylish. 


Get her this elegant wooden lap desk with an anti-slip feature and phone holder. Laptop accessories are ideal for any tech-loving woman and make unique gifts. 

Personalised Laptop Bag 


Look no further in your search for tech gifts for women — why not treat her with a high-end, beautiful laptop bag? The MAISON de SABRÉ laptop case is made of premium pebbled leather for the sleekest design. It is also made with durability in mind so that the case will keep her laptop safe day after day. 


The interior is lined with soft microfibre suede to protect your device from scratches or damage. The sides are made with sturdy supports for extra protection. Equal parts elegant and protective, this chic laptop case not only look after her most precious tech, but it’s sure to appeal to her style-conscious side. 


We know that the women in your life deserve the very best. That's why our thoughtful gifts come in a range of stylish, bold colours and have the option to be personalised, and glamorise her gift with her initials. 



The latest craze in smart technology is smartwatches. From the Apple Watch to the FitBit, Tech gadgets are the ultimate way to connect all smart devices. 


More than just a fitness tracker or clock, the Apple Watch SE is water-resistant. Give your woman a range of watch bands to transform her watch into smart jewellery. 


Any tech-loving woman will love a smartwatch to connect their many devices in one place: on her wrist. It is the perfect present for any birthday or Christmas. 

Music Must-Haves


Is she a music lover? Can she not go anywhere without a tune blaring? Here are some perfect tech gifts for all lovers of music. 


The ultimate must-have for music lovers is the Kohler Moxie Showerhead. Integrating the speaker right into the showerhead, this shower speaker is unbeatable. 


With Alexa built-in and a Bluetooth speaker to connect to your iPhone, it is the perfect way for her to listen to music whilst taking some personal time.


Bluetooth Speaker


Don't worry if a shower speaker isn't her thing; many other sleek and stylish Bluetooth speakers are on the market. 


The retro-looking Marshall Stanmore II is the perfect speaker for an audiophile. A compact, neat box with powerful audio, this Bluetooth speaker is top of its range. 


As far as gadget gifts go, an elegant and ultra-modern speaker is an excellent present for birthdays and Christmases. Make her the life of the party by giving her a high-end, high-quality speaker. 


Amazon Echo


The Amazon Echo is cornering the market in terms of smart systems. "Alexa, play some music" is basically in the dictionary. 


Alexa devices come as an Echo, Echo Dot, Studio and Echo Flex. Or spice up her system with control screens. 


There is little that an Alexa Device cannot do to help. Acting as an alarm clock, turning on home security and playing music. Life with Alexa is more manageable and uncomplicated. 


The Echo Flex can be used as a control smart system to turn other devices off and on, such as instant cameras. You could even connect it to her outside lights to make a smart garden. If she is a tech-savvy woman, there is no more fantastic present than an Alexa device. 


Google Nest 


On the other side of the competition, Google's up-and-coming Nest is a great alternative. Offering a range of devices, such as the Nest Cam, Nest Doorbell, Chromecast and Thermostat,  Google provides many ways to turn your house into a smart home. 


Whether you get her a Nest for her home office or a display screen with a touch controller, Google's latest products are also compatible with the latest iPhone 13. Smart systems are the ultimate tech gifts for the woman in your life. 

In summary


Tech gift guides share ideas suitable for more than just the women in your life. Consider gifting an elegant phone case on Father's Day, Mother's Day or as graduation gifts.


Tech gifts are ever-evolving and changing. There will always be newer and better models to give in such a fast-paced market — it's an inexhaustible gift idea.


Here are some other thoughtful tech gifts to give this year:


  • Kindle Paperwhite. 
  • LED lights.
  • Smart mini-fridge.
  • Smart night lights.
  • GPS dog collar for a smart dog.


Tech gifts are endless. Ensure you get the women in your life the very best technology the market has to offer. This time next year, they'll be demanding the next version!