Sharndré Kushor

Sharndré Kushor

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Co-founder of Crimson Education, Sharndré Kushor challenges the status quo within the education industry as she cultivates a business that steers away from traditional teaching methods and embraces modern-day avenues. Built on the idea that students require more personalised and direct support to make real-life decisions, the company enables students to be ready for world-class education with direct and accessible tuition. Passion and devotion to this modernised pathway has seen Sharndré named in Forbes prestigious 30 under 30 Asia list. However her unique vision extends past the boundaries of Crimson Sharndré is dedicated to assisting the next generation of future leaders who will undoubtedly make their mark on the world.

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My Story

Age is never a prerequisite to conquer the world. At eighteen years old, and as the prospects of University loomed closer, Sharndré convinced herself that a traditional career pathway in law or medicine was the ultimate goal for an ambitious student. Idealism was then swapped for skepticism and uncertainty as Sharndré crossed paths with others who were studying abroad and learned of the world of opportunity that existed. As the uncertainty continued to brew, Sharndré found herself subconsciously assisting others with their career prospects and studies abroad, until a lightbulb moment allowed her to recognise a market opportunity to help students navigate global opportunities. In the quest to turn passion into a career, Crimson Education was born in 2013.

We know finding a clear path to success can be troubling, however keeping a close circle of passionate mentors and friends can mean negative noises are kept muted, and the drive to unlock your dreams remains unwavering. Sharndré’s success is inspiring, and as she moves to open New Zealand’s first online high-school, her devotion remains unchanged.


2020: Are you Ready? 

Life is too short, you have to have a lot of fun and live life the best as you can”. For the following year, Sharndré is standing firm to take each and every opportunity that arrives at her doorstep as a nod to continued growth, the unpredictability of life, and maximising her contribution to the world of education in 2020.